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All U.S. Citizens Should Reapply For Citizenship Based On Passing Test Of American Ideals And History

A new citizenship test to be given of prospective citizens will require additional knowledge of American history and American ideals. We have many immigrants down here in Texas and I support this idea.

In fact, I support this excellent idea so much that I think all current American citizens should be made to reapply for citizenship. Successful readmission to citizenship would be based upon passing a test of American history and American ideals. 

More Americans need to understand the basic principles of this country as demonstrated by great figures such as Thomas Paine, William Lloyd Garrison, Susan B. Anthony, Eugene V. Debs and Martin Luther King.

Or, if the people can’t muster that, they should at least be able to find California on a map and know who was President during the Civil War. Our basic knowledge of America and of American history is so poor that one sometimes wonders if citizenship has real meaning to many of our fellow Americans.

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