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People Fight In Fiji & Tonga Because People Fight Everywhere

Political problems in the Pacific island nations of Fiji and Tonga show that “paradise” is something you won’t find on this planet.

In Fiji, a series of troubles going many back years is spiking again as the prospect of yet another coup is seen as high. There have been three coups in Fiji since 1987. Ethnic Indians and native Fijians don’t always get along and this leads to tension.

It’s too bad I can’t place a bet on human nature. I’d bet that people will fight even in the most remote and idyllic corners of the Earth. Of course, who would be dumb enough to take such a wager?

In Tonga, a Pacific nation of 170 islands, rioting has occurred over the wealth held by the royal family and other well-off folks. The Economist also reports that many young men feel shut-out from the profits of tourism. I’m sure the tourists are quite concerned about social justice for the natives.

Paradise, to the extent it can exist, comes from the efforts of people who look past superficial differences and who are willing to share resources. Despite the fact that people fight everywhere on the planet, history has shown that progress can be made.

December 4, 2006 Posted by | Politics | 1 Comment