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We Already Know Bush Is Bad & Investigating Bush May Hurt Democrats More Than Republicans

Many Democrats want to use new power in Congress to investigate the Bush Administration. I’m not opposed to all possible investigations, but I’m not certain what we’ll gain. 

After six years, people know what they think about Bush. Nothing short of a revelation that Bush has been working with aliens to use humans as food will change minds. 

The 2006 election seemed to turn on the War in Iraq, economic insecurity and Washington ethics. People voted for Democrats expecting change in policy and change in how government operates. Fighting past battles is not change.

Democrats may wish to focus on one or two important investigations. Much more and the impression will be that Democrats are vindictive and not worrying about everyday concerns. Congressional investigations are quite often political acts. Republicans paid when they were seen as ganging up on President Clinton. Democrats should not make the same mistake.

It’s already clear George W. Bush is a bad and unethical President. Our efforts must be directed towards worrying about the post-Bush era.  

November 30, 2006 Posted by | Politics | 1 Comment