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Liberals Should Keep Green Party Alive So Democrats Don’t Use Us Like They Use Black Voters

I’ve made a $25 donation to the national Green Party. I did this despite my regret for having voted for the erratic Ralph Nader in 2000 and despite the failure of the Texas Green Party to grow as a third party force.

I do support Democrats. In 2006 I made donations to the Harris County Democratic Party, the Texas Democratic Party and to my local ill-fated U.S. House candidate. I donated to the state party despite my suspicion that they don’t do very much.

I gave to the Greens because I want options. I don’t trust Democrats to address global warming, the problems of big cities or job and wage concerns linked to globalization. I don’t want to be used by Democrats in the same way they use black voters.

At the moment Greens don’t appear to be making electoral progress. At least not in Houston or in Texas. As I recall, in 1998 Greens were on the Texas ballot in at least two races where no Democrat ran. In 2006, no statewide Green candidate was on the ballot.

Still, you never know when a third party will force one of the major parties to finally take action on the most important issues. We must have options.

November 29, 2006 Posted by | Politics, Things I've Done | 3 Comments