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What Democrats And Hispanics Owe Each Other

USA Today reports Hispanic voters went strong for Democrats in 2006. This is good news here in Houston, in Texas and everywhere else. 

Exit polls show only 30% of Hispanics voted for Republicans. This was down from 44% in 2004. While it can’t be said for certain, it is quite possible that conservative Republican attacks on immigrants played a part in the poor GOP showing among Hispanics. 

Now it is up to Hispanic voters to make Democrats earn their ongoing support. This doesn’t mean Democrats must agree with any certain set of demands. What it means is that Democrats must pursue policies that benefit working people and must avoid a reflexive economic populism that blames people from abroad for our problems at home.

In return, Hispanic voters owe themselves and their country increased voter turnout and steady political involvement beyond media-friendly protests. 

Nobody is entitled to anything. Democrats and Hispanics must learn to trust each other and to deliver for each other. These are goals consistent with good politics and consistent with good policy for the entire nation. 

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