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French Election Is More Than Socialist In A Bikini

Far-right French politician Jean Marie Le Pen is once again running well in the polls as the 2007 French Presidential election approaches. Le Pen was one of the final two candidates in the 2002 French election. He is profiting from the anxiety of French working people about immigrants and job security.

National Public Radio reports Le Pen is making gains in some towns that once voted heavily for Socialists.

People will vote for who they think will deliver and for who they feel is speaking for them. Just because someone has been voting for one party for a long time doesn’t that person is a committed partisan.

Just like in the United States, mainstream French parties of both the left and right have not been able to stop industry from moving abroad. Left-leaning parties around the industrialized world have reason to fear the loss of working class support over issues of immigration and job loss.

Much of the attention given to the French election has focused on the fact the Socialist candidate Segolene Royal was photographed in a bikini. Nothing can match that. Hopefully, however, the ongoing inability of established political structures across Europe to successfully confront globalization will at least emerge as a competing storyline.  

November 27, 2006 Posted by | Immigration, Politics | 1 Comment