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Harsh Laws Against Illegals May Be Racist And Reflect Real Concerns At The Same Time

The small town of Farmers Branch, Texas has passed new laws concerning illegal immigrants. Farmers Branch is a suburb of Dallas. Under the new rules, landlords will not be allowed to rent to undocumented people, police will be trained to enforce federal immigration laws and English will become the official language of the town.

It is easy to condemn people supporting these laws in Farmers Branch as racists. It is quite possible that some people in Farmers Branch are racists.  Another likely scenario is that people in Farmers Branch see their community changing and are concerned about job security and wages. Neither major political party has made any serious effort to provide leadership on these issues.

We should not let the people of Farmers Branch off the hook. If the people of Farmers Branch don’t like illegals, they should demand that local employers who use illegals fire the workers, raise prices and pass the costs on to locals.

That said, folks in Farmers Branch need guidance and help just like anybody else. They know that so far they are being left to fend for themselves against global forces way beyond the resources of a small town. They have plenty of reason to suspect that both Democrats and Republicans are selling them down the river. 

November 17, 2006 Posted by | Best Posts 2006, Immigration, Politics, Texas | 6 Comments