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Congress Killing A Trade Agreement With Vietnam Won’t Change The Fact Your Kid Is Not Studying

The lame duck Congress has, for the moment at least, killed a trade agreement with Vietnam. Republicans and Democrats are blaming each other for the failure of the deal.

If the newly-elected House majority thinks killing trade agreements is going to help American workers, they are leading the people nowhere. Trade agreements must be fair—Yet we are making a mistake by ignoring problems at home. 

Vietnam is not the issue.

Nobody in Vietnam has anything to do with the low test scores American kids post in science, math, reading and in many other subjects as well. Nobody in Vietnam has cast a spell stopping your kid from picking up a book to read. 

I hope Democrats have a plan beyond blaming people far away for our failings right here in America.  

November 16, 2006 - Posted by | Politics


  1. Dear Mr. Aquino:

    A further explanation on the trade question would help this inquiring reader in Cincinnati. In Ohio we have a large foreign trade and soon we will be opening a trade office in China-The People’s Republic. The new Democratic majorities in the House and Senate of the United States will re-examine trade. I must study the Vietnam deal. I look forward to the day when a free and democratic Cuba will be open for trade and commerce.

    Comment by Representative Tyrone K. Yates | November 16, 2006

  2. It is a difficult question because on hand we must remain open to the rest of the world and on the other hand it often seems like both Republicans and Democrats are selling us down the river on these matters.

    Comment by neilaquino | November 16, 2006

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