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Democrats Rack-Up Votes In Big Cities And Sometimes Return The Favor With A Knife In The Back

Voters in big cities in the United States usually elect Democrats to govern. Sometimes they don’t get much in return for this loyal support. A good example can be found in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In Cincinnati, the Democratic majority on City Council is not able to govern effectively. Recently, over the objections of City Manager Milton Dohoney, Cincinnati City Council passed a city property tax cut that will save the average Cincinnati homeowner around $8 a year. According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, the cut will save Duke Energy almost $65,000 and Cincinnati Bell around $17,000.

The city manager said the rollback will cost the city around $ 1.5 million. He said Cincinnati does not have the money for the cut. Three of the five Democrats on Council voted for it anyway and the rollback passed. One of the three voting yes was so-called Democrat John Cranley. Cranley was at the time of the vote in a tight race for the U.S. House. He lost despite his shameless vote.

Last Monday, City Manager Dohoney proposed a new city budget that closes a health clinic and 13 swimming pools and cuts funding for the arts, recycling and litter pick-up. If the five Democrats on the nine-member Council had voted no on the tax rollback, some of these budget cuts might be avoided. Why elect Democrats if what you get are silly little tax cuts at the expense of city services? You’d might as well elect a Republican Council and get the real thing.

Cities depend on maintaining a certain quality of life to retain population. The cuts being proposed in Cincinnati strike right at that necessary quality of life. Given the years of decline seen in so many of our once great cities– places like Cincinnati—I wonder sometimes if Democrats are up to the challenge of leading.

It may be that locally-elected Democrats can’t fight the global forces injuring our cities. What they can do, however, is at least try to govern responsibly.

November 15, 2006 - Posted by | Cincinnati, Politics, Taxes---Yes!


  1. Thank you, Neil, for sharing this bad news. I was recently in Bogota, where the previous mayor had almost been impeached for making people stop parking their cars on the sidewalks. But in the end he became a local hero. He took money that had been allotted for a second level highway system and instead spent it on the best bus system in the world, 350 km of high quality bike lanes (with trees and grass on either side rather than trucks whizzing past your ears), wide sidewalks, beautiful parks and greenspace in the poorest neighborhoods, schools, libraries and pools. Since that time the crime rate has dropped by about 75% and people are happy and proud of their city. What a joy it would be to have a government that governs with our happiness in mind rather than our greed.

    Comment by Kate Blumberg | November 15, 2006

  2. Neil, our fair city finnaly made your blog. Like the rest of our venerable republic , we in Cincinnati suffer from a leadership shortage, we can’t find a leader in Cincinnati with a search warrant. As Bush sr. used to say “oh it’s that vision thing” Our city is no longer growing, it is imploding on itself.
    City government has not been relevant in this century. The infrstructure is falling apart, the schools are repositories for the dysfunctional, the city center is a ghost town after 5PM. It is a repeat of the end of the British Empire , a once great city is now a laughing stock. A cruel joke for the hapless citizens. We sure could use some fresh ideas and some vibrant leadership.
    “More government now”


    Comment by Robert "Jughead " Sturdevant | November 15, 2006

  3. Dear TexasLiberal:

    Your analysis was excellent. I believe that a simple opinion poll would have shown a great majority of the citizens of Cincinnati opposed to the tax rollback if the question posed was if you cut taxes there would be the possibility of cuts in certain city services.

    More courage and less profile required for leadership work.

    You state it best “All People Matter.”

    A-List TexasLiberal LBJ Yates

    Comment by Representative Tyrone K. Yates | November 15, 2006

  4. I live in what may be described as a mixed income neighborhood in Cincinnati. Too often the first casualty of budget cuts affect the most needy. The community pool is a vital summer resource for the kids in my neighborhood. This past year it was kept from closing a week early by the generous support of Carl Lindner. It is a place where people of different ages, economic levels and races practice and learn the lessons of civil behaviour in subtle but real ways everyday. Without vital neighborhood activities like a community pool…well, you know what they say, “Idle hands…”

    Comment by carsick | November 16, 2006

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