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I Cast My Ballot In Vietnamese In A Room With A Big Crucifix And I Enjoyed It Very Much

Voting machines in Houston, Harris County, Texas give the option of voting in one of three languages. You can vote in English, Spanish or Vietnamese. I voted in Vietnamese. If the person on the ballot had the party affiliation of Dang Don Chu, I voted for that person. If it was Dang Cong Hoa, I did not vote for that person.

I voted in a Catholic church. There was a big crucifix hanging in the room. Fine by me. I would have voted in a synagogue or a mosque if that is where the county told me to go. I don’t care. If someone had handed me a Bible or a Koran, I would’ve had something to read while I stood in line. 

The people voting at my precinct were Black, Anglo, Hispanic and Indian. Or maybe the Indian people were Pakistani. When you think that Houston was a segregated city 45 years ago, it’s nearly a miracle to have a voting line like that and nobody giving it a second thought.

I don’t mean to suggest these people would get along if they got to know each other. I know I did not like the looks of plenty of people I saw today. I sized people up and guessed they might be Republicans. It’s just that nobody in the line seemed likely to shoot anyone else in the line. I would say that is pretty good.     

With all the Harris County judgeships, there were maybe 95 different races on the ballot. Many of them were unopposed Dang Cong Hoa and I left those blank. I know that today I voted for one certain winner and for two others who maybe have a chance. At best, I am 3 for 95. Often Democracy is about a kick in the ass. So it goes. I’ll keep giving it my best effort.

Please remember— like it says at the top of this blog— All People Matter.

November 7, 2006 Posted by | Elections, Houston, Politics, Texas | 1 Comment