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Black Voters In Maryland Have Real Gripes—Yet In The End They Must Get It Done Themselves

The close senate race in Maryland reflects the legitimate gripes of black voters who feel they are taken for granted by Democrats.

In this race, white Democratic Congressman Ben Cardin is facing black Lt. Governor Michael Steele. Steele is running strongly in normally Democratic Maryland. He is gaining some black support. Blacks sometimes cast nearly 30% of votes in Maryland

In the Democratic primary, Cardin beat former Congressman and NAACP President Kweisi Mfume. Some black Marylanders are frustrated that strong support for Democrats has not been produced a black candidate at the top of the Maryland Democratic ticket.

Black citizens of Maryland, and all people in Maryland, might also ask what Democrats have done to address chronic inner-city poverty in Baltimore.

Yet serious questions can also be asked about black turnout and black political organization in Maryland. Some of these questions are addressed here in a well thought-out Baltimore Sun opinion piece.

Hopefully Cardin will hold on tomorrow. And hopefully Democrats in Maryland will find strong black candidates for upcoming high-profile races.  

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