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Houston-Area Bloggers Should Reconsider Support For Far Right-Wing “Democrat” Nick Lampson

U.S. House candidate Nick Lampson is running yet another ad placing him to the right of his Republican challenger. This new ad criticizes his opponent, Houston City Councilwoman Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, for voting to raise water and sewer rates. Houston needs all the revenue and infrastructure it can get. What would Lampson have us do? Dump our waste on the street like we are living in the 19th century?  

Already Lampson has run a mean and appalling ad placing him to the right of the conservative Sekula-Gibbs on immigration. Liberal and progressive bloggers in the Houston Metro area have no doubt seen these awful ads. 

Houston-area bloggers should reconsider backing Lampson. Is our support so easily taken for granted? I realize every seat counts in working towards a Democratic House majority. Yet even in these circumstances, Lampson is asking a lot of us. This is a race I think people would be justified leaving blank on their ballots.  

November 2, 2006 Posted by | Houston, Lousy People, Politics | 4 Comments