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If Democrats Won’t Discuss Global Warming —Who Will?

The 2006 Election campaign has had plenty of discussion of former Congressman Foley. What has been lacking is discussion of global warming.

A new report by a British economist Sir Nicholas Stern says global warming should shrink the world’s economy by as much as 20% and that as many as 200 Million people could be become refugees from floods or droughts. The report says these things could happen in the lifetimes of people now living. 

I rarely criticize Republicans in this blog because, at this point in history at least, I expect nothing from Republicans. Leadership on tough questions is going to have to come from the other side. The high price of gas is a legitimate issue for Democrats. We have every reason to be suspicious of big oil. Yet we must also discuss the environmental costs of driving and we must ask who will bear these costs.

Like America in the 1850’s or Europe in the 1930’s, the crisis is just over the horizon. It is not just warming. It is also the massive consequences of the global economy. In America today it is up to Democrats to address these issues.

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New Jersey Democratic Party Getting The Trouble It Asked For

By appointing political-fixer Bob Menendez to the U.S. Senate earlier this year, the New Jersey Democratic Party and Governor Jon Corzine showed arrogance. It’s an arrogance Democrats are paying for with a tough campaign to hold the seat. In recent years, the New Jersey Democratic Party has offered the people the always-sleazy former Senator Bob Torricelli, who resigned in disgrace, and former Governor Jim McGreevy. McGreevy also resigned in disgrace. 

New Jersey’s electorate has been trying to send the message that they are frustrated with Democrats. In 2004, John Kerry had to campaign more than expected in New Jersey. Voters seemed reluctant to give Democrats their Electoral Votes without a fight.  The selection of Menendez assumed a lot. Where a fresh-face may have been needed, a politician long-associated with an “I’ll wash your hands if you’ll wash mine,” attitude got the nod.

New Jersey has a long history as a political border state. This history is longer than contemporary Democratic ascendancy in the state.Southern New Jersey has had aspects in common with the broader American South, while Northern New Jersey has been more in tune with New York.

The political pendulum swings back and forth. For whatever reason, the Democratic establishment in New Jersey seems on a mission to speed the pendulum back towards Republicans. Hopefully, Menendez will hold the seat and the New Jersey Democratic establishment will finally get the message.   

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