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My Conversation With Kinky Friedman On The Streets Of Downtown Houston

Kinky Friedman was in Houston last week. I had the day off and I went Downtown to see Friedman and to have a nice lunch. Both plans worked out well. 

Friedman appeared outside the county administration building. People could come up and speak to him. Friedman talked about his distaste for lobbyists and for both main political parties. He talked about being tough on immigration. Many people wanted a picture taken with Kinky. 

I asked Friedman if he supported an income tax for Texas. He said no. He said, wrongly, casino gambling and an already existing budget surplus would suffice for Texas. I told him if he really wanted to help little people in Texas, he would support shifting some of the money around with an income tax. 

15 minutes after our first exchange, Friedman and I talked some more. I told him that while he has a picture of Gandhi up on his wall at home, he was acting against the spirit of Gandhi. I said Gandhi would not embrace casino gambling, engage in immigrant-bashing and make nasty comments about Hurricane Katrina victims still in Houston.

Friedman did not agree. He said I was a “liberal Democrat” and “politically correct.” I said he was labeling me just like he did Katrina survivors. I told him he often resorts in his campaign to what I called “the dark side.” By this point, Friedman had had enough of me. He said I’d called him an immigrant-basher and that “Not even Hispanic people I‘ve talked to have called me that.” 

Friedman does not deserve your vote. He could use his candidacy to speak up for Texans who need a voice. Instead, he plays to people’s fears on immigration and makes lousy comments about Katrina evacuees. Most Katrina folks are plenty honest.

While he will at times say something that has appeal, Friedman lacks the discipline to avoid repeatedly saying rotten things and the compassion needed to help Texans who could most use his help.  

October 30, 2006 Posted by | Houston, Politics, Texas | 6 Comments