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Democrat Nick Lampson Deludes Working People & Leads Them Nowhere

A rotten Nick Lampson TV ad about immigration policy strongly suggests Lampson won’t tell the truth to Texas workers about why their wages and economic prospects often stink. 

Lampson is running for the seat once held by Tom DeLay. This is Texas U.S House District 22. The Republican candidate is right-wing Houston City Councilwoman Shelley Sekula-Gibbs. Nobody should vote for her. Because of the timing of DeLay’s cowardly exit and because of Texas election law, Sekula-Gibbs is running as a write-in. Lampson is the favorite.

In his depressing ad, Lampson attacks Sekula-Gibbs’ votes on Houston City Council for various aspects of Houston’s sanctuary stance towards illegal immigrants. As a general rule, Houston police don’t ask about immigration status during an arrest. With this policy and others like it, Houston recognizes that it lacks the resources to handle federal immigration matters. It also reflects the fact that immigrants from Mexico and elsewhere are in Houston to stay. 

With his ad, Lampson conveys that it is illegals causing poor labor conditions in Texas. He says nothing about union-busting profit-crazed employers. He says nothing about reforming a Democratic Party that, so far, has often been only slightly less-willing than Republicans to sell working people down the river.

Someone must level with working people. If it won’t be Democrats—Who will it be? Someone must tell working folks that their children must study as hard as Asian kids study. Someone must tell them that they must decide if they care more about gay marriage or about their futures. 

This someone apparently won’t be Nick Lampson. Lampson seems content to feed Texas working people a lying load of crap that distracts them from what really needs to be done.

October 27, 2006 Posted by | Immigration, Politics, Texas | 6 Comments