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Galveston, Texas Is Where The Muslim/Mexican Plot To Take Over America Is Beginning

A recent front page photo essay in the Galveston County Daily News showed Galveston Muslims celebrating Eid to mark the end of Ramadan. As part of the celebration, Muslim kids busted a piñata and went after the candy. This all took place at the Galveston Islamic Center which can be found not far from the sunny shores of the Gulf of Mexico. 

Seeing a photo of Muslim children celebrating an Islamic holiday with a Mexican custom at an Islamic center in a smallish Texas city is likely to elicit a reaction of one kind or another from many Americans. 

Many conservatives are telling us Muslims and Mexicans are trouble.

In my view, the message is that these folks are here to stay and we can either welcome them or fight them. My choice is to welcome them. Galveston’s Muslims seem to get the idea of America just right. They add to their own celebration by embracing a tradition from another culture. 

America is its’ people—Whoever they may be or wherever they may come from. America is not a specific religion or skin color.

Immigration policy and the willingness of new arrivals to take part in American life are legitimate issues. However, we cannot address these issues in any hopeful way until we see the people we are discussing as human beings. 

October 26, 2006 Posted by | Galveston, Immigration, Politics, Texas | 5 Comments