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Election Fraud & Vote Supression—A Historic National Pastime

Many Liberals and Democrats are concerned, with good reason, that Republicans will use electronic voting machines to steal votes or to fix the vote. Valid issues have been raised about Diebold as a manufacturer of these machines.  

An additional concern Democrats have is that voters of color will be harassed at the polls. Such is always possible.  

A mistake, however, is to assume this behavior is somehow limited to conservatives and Republicans. Our side has been plenty guilty of these types of frauds.  

The era of great liberal victories from the New Deal Era to the Great Society were won in a time when the overwhelming number of blacks were not allowed to vote. Most liberals did little about this until black people started marching and forcing the issue. Many Democrats also gained through vote-fixing urban political machines. 

The point is here is that our crap stinks as well. Election fraud and voter suppression are symptoms of the fight for power. This is a fight that liberals and Democrats, for better and for worse, have fully been a part of in American history. 

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