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Fiscal Conservatism With Social Liberalism Is An Obnoxious Outlook

Texas State House District 134, where I live, Is going to be won by Democratic challenger Ellen Cohen. The Republican incumbent, Martha Wong, often says one thing while doing another. I’m confident the people have had enough of Wong. 

I’m disappointed though by a TV ad Ms. Cohen is running. Ms. Cohen makes an appeal to voters who consider themselves fiscal conservatives and social liberals. This idea has some resonance in District 134 because we have many educated and prosperous voters here. These are people used to having things their own way. 

Fiscal conservatism and social liberalism is libertarianism-lite. It is the idea that people can do whatever they want while paying as little taxes as possible. I don’t mind people doing pretty much what they want within the law. But we must have a government strong enough and with enough resources to protect our freedoms and fight for all people. By all people I mean the poor and working class as well as the wealthy.

Libertarianism is a far-right ideology of raw power and going it alone. Libertarianism-lite is the essentially the same—Except in one way it is even more obnoxious.

Libertarianism-lite lacks the honesty that comes with the brutality of pure libertarianism. Libertarianism-lite wraps the sell-out of the many by the few in a package that even some good Democrats find appealing.  

October 22, 2006 Posted by | Houston, Politics | 4 Comments