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Texas Hispanics Not Yet Taking Steps Needed For Political Power

Analysis of demographic trends suggests that by 2040 the population of Texas will be between 53% and 59% Hispanic. Whites will comprise between 25% and 33% of the population in that year.

So far, Hispanics lag behind the population as a whole in education and are more likely than Anglos to be poor. Despite protests earlier this year against mean-spirited immigration legislation, Hispanics are seemingly failing to exert themselves in the 2006 Election. 

Conservative Anglos have run Texas since Statehood. You could argue they have run Texas into the ground. Conservative Anglo politics have often been based on maintaining white power at the expense of Blacks and Mexicans. The result of this emphasis is a poor and under-uneducated state.

What will the future look like in Texas? Will the coming demographic majority find the leadership needed to prepare itself for political rule? Or will a reactionary Anglo minority find a way to hold power?  

October 20, 2006 Posted by | Immigration, Texas | 6 Comments