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Houston Benefits From More Government Because Government Can Be Beautiful

Houston Mayor Bill White has in recent days taken two steps that will benefit the people of Houston. These two positive actions involve asserting and expanding the place of government in Houston.

Mayor White signed an agreement that will assist low and middle income persons in buying a house. This will impact one Houston community in particular that has seen property values go up in recent years. Here is a clear case where government works better than private for-profit developers. Residents in this one area had fought off the developers. 

Also, Mayor White approved five new operators for Houston’s 311 system. Houston residents can call 311 with questions about city responsibilities. I have used 311 to report street lights that are out. Not long after I’ve called the lights have been fixed.

Government can be a beautiful word. A word that conveys shared responsibilities, fair distribution of resources and care for one another. Let’s work as loyal Americans to enhance our freedom and prosperity by supporting an active and decent government.

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