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Liberals & Progressives Who Have Lost Their Way Support No-Good Friedman For Texas Governor

I support Chris Bell for Governor of Texas. That’s why I’m frustrated Bell asked Kinky Friedman to quit the Governor’s race

Friedman should quit. He should quit because all he does is block discussion of real issues. His campaign is a series of silly quips to go along with the distraction of borderline racist comments.

What’s frustrating is how badly Bell misread Friedman’s candidacy. Friedman opposes the two-party system. His joint appearances with former independent Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, along with consistent bashing of both Republicans and Democrats, make his point clear. Friedman is not going to go away to clear the path for a Democrat or a Republican.

Bell is steamed because some rank-and-file Democrats are leaning towards Friedman. In my view this is because, at times, some so-called liberals and progressives have lost their way. Some of our friends value a notion of personal autonomy and independence more than they value the idea of society working together to make life better. 

Friedman strikes a chord with voters who view liberalism or progressivism as rooted in individuality and personal expression instead of in a conception of a better society.

Friedman is not going to just quit. Bell will have to win voters with a strong campaign and good ideas. He needs to remind Democrats that the core of worthwhile politics is helping others.   

October 16, 2006 Posted by | Politics, Texas | 1 Comment