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1910 Midterms Put Both Woodrow Wilson & F.D.R In Office For First Time—Will 2006 Produce Such Leaders?

Big Democratic gains in the 1910 midterm elections were part of a 12 year period of consistent progressive victories. Democrats gained 56 House seats and 10 Senate seats in 1910.  Among those swept into office as first-time officeholders were Woodrow Wilson as Governor of New Jersey, and Franklin Roosevelt as a State Senator from a normally Republican district in the Hudson River Valley of New York.

The election of Wilson and F.D.R in 1910 is worth thinking about. In a Republican year both men might have lost. Instead, benefiting from the strength of their own candidacies and from the national trend, Wilson and F.D.R were elected. Each would go on to win the White House for Democrats.

If the the hopeful forecasts are true, maybe the national trend of 2006 will bring many new Democratic officeholders to all levels of government. Maybe this group will produce a new liberal or progressive leader for our nation.  However, this happy result will only occur if average people like you and I do something to help make it happen.


October 14, 2006 - Posted by | Elections, Political History, Politics


  1. Sounds like something big is gonna happen next month. I haven’t felt this confident in years. The hope is that the Dems will unify around a progressive agenda and not get sucked into the politics of power. Minimum wage, leaving Iraq and health care are what I hope they concentrate on (not necessarily in that order).

    Comment by Mark | October 14, 2006

  2. The post about Thomas Wilson and Franklin remind me of Tyrone Yates’s Council race of 1991. It was a Republican year and the odds were sharply against us-including the author of the blog-Neil Tony Aquino. How I would have loved to have watched FDR campaign in the Hudson Valley for that State Senate seat. I have a book on it and what a wild ride. Roosevelt was everywhere.

    I attended the NAACP Dinner last night and no Republican candidates were present. They are fighting the trends you mentioned tooth and nail and they are making local appeals to race. How unfortunate.

    Wilson and FDR. Kennedy sought to be like FDR.

    Going past the navy reserve station today made me think of JFK and Mississippi.


    Comment by Representative Tyrone K. Yates | October 14, 2006

  3. I think the districts are too constricted for the huge swings seen in the past but happily the current atmosphere seems to have brought out some very strong Dem candidates. Candidates who otherwise may have never chosen to run or serve otherwise. I’m particulary excited by the potential governor pick-ups and how that can change a state’s dynamic for years to come as well as produce new executive leaders.
    Still surprised by how close the OH 01 and 02 races are and that circumstance exemplifies a dynamic shift that will have years of repercussions – whether the current candidates win or lose – as potentially strong candidates realize they actually have a fighting chance to win.
    I hope new ideas for energy, education, healthcare and foreign policy emerge for ’08. The governors have a chance to change the conversation in three of those four areas.

    Comment by carsick | October 16, 2006

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