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For All We Know Maybe China & India Are Supposed To Run The World

A recent article about emerging and growing economies in The Economist magazine reports that up until the late 19th century China and India were the two largest economies in the world.

Someday the United States will be displaced as the world’s largest economy. Maybe this will happen in the lifetime of Americans now living. 

We often assume the times we live in are reflective of how things are supposed to be. Yet there is little that cannot change. Maybe in 100 or 200 years American economic leadership will be seen as an aberration from the more normal pattern of Chinese and Indian economic power.

People who connect their egos and personal identities to the power of the nation they live in are making a mistake. The power of nations comes and goes. Being a good person is a better foundation for figuring out who you are.       

October 12, 2006 Posted by | Immigration, Politics | 3 Comments