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A Hopeful Imagination Is The Beginning Of Liberal Politics

Chris Bell is the Democrat running for Governor of Texas. He is a former Houston City Councilmember and a one-term former Congressman.  

Bell is running a TV ad now that is great. In the ad Bell gives a list of things he would do to improve Texas. Better schools and all that. At the end of the spot Bell says—“The Texas that’s in our hearts can be the Texas we see around us.”

The beginning of liberal politics (Though Bell does not campaign as a liberal) is imagination. The liberal must first imagine the better world he or she seeks. The next step is to turn those thoughts into public policy.

This is because the political world is something both real and imagined. Tangible political actions take root in people’s views, hopes and, sometimes, prejudices.    

Bell’s linking the better Texas he imagines with actions he would take as Governor is right on target. Making this link provides insight into the hopeful imagination that has sustained reformers and radicals for as long as politics has been practiced.    

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