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Republicans Bash Many Different People And Now Wonder Why They Can’t Find Enough Folks To Vote For Them

In the aftermath of the Mark Foley scandal, gay Republicans are concerned about even more gay-bashing by far right-wingers. The Republican tendency to scapegoat people who fall outside their narrow idea of who is a real American is a big reason Republicans are looking at trouble in the upcoming election.

Republicans say they want to reach out to Latinos. Yet immigrant-bashing is as much a part of the Republican platform as gay-bashing. In the end it may be hard for a party that often equates Americanism with white skin to consistently win Hispanic votes. Republicans say they want to reach out to black people. Hurricane Katrina took care of that plan. 

As I’ve pointed out previously in TexasLiberal, Republican majorities in the House of Representatives have been thin since the 1994 GOP takeover of Congress. The prospect of significant losses in 2006 may finally show Republicans that they can’t gain a secure majority in 21st century America by hating everybody.  Though don’t bet on it—Hate is a large part of the identity of the modern Republican party.     

October 10, 2006 Posted by | Immigration, Politics | 1 Comment