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Possible Democratic Gains In Senate Run Counter To Electoral Map

The fact that Democrats stand to gain any Senate seats, let alone the idea of a possible majority or 50-50 split, is testimony to the Democratic trend so far in 2006. 

Entering 2006, the Senate electoral map favored Republicans. Senate elections are to an extent an echo of what took place six years earlier. The seats up now are the same seats contested six years ago. 

In 2000 Democrats picked-up 5 seats. This left the Senate at 50-50. Republicans were vulnerable because they had to protect the 8 seats gained in the 1994 GOP landslide. (Not a bad problem to have.)

In 2006 Democrats must defend 18 seats. Republicans are defending 15. Among the 18 seats Democrats must work to retain are the seats of retiring Democratic Senators in Maryland and Minnesota.

Any Senate contest has many aspects specific to the candidates involved and the state where the race is taking place. Yet electoral circumstance and national trends also matter a lot. Circumstance may favor the Republicans—But the national trend—so far—points towards the Democrats.   

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