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An Organized Protest Movement & Government Regulation Will Be Required To Fight Wal-Mart

The poor treatment of workers and many harmful effects of Wal-Mart have been well-reported.  Among the most recent outrages are wage caps and what appears to be an effort to get rid of longer-serving employees. 

The business practices of Wal-Mart will be changed only by an active and concerted protest movement. This protest movement will have to push government to regulate Wal-Mart. Individual shoppers are going to shop where they can get the lowest prices.

Some may shop at Wal-Mart by choice. Others may feel they have no choice. I don’t know and I don’t care. The bottom line is that Wal-Mart treats people lousy. We can’t allow Wal-Mart to drag down millions of service workers to a barbaric lowest common denominator of cheap stuff at the expense of everything else.  

I’ve signed up at wakeupwalmart.com. This in and of itself won’t do much to improve Wal-Mart. But it’s a start. I urge others to review wakeupwalmart.com and consider what steps to take next. This is what I will be doing.

Thank you.

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