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Mark Foley & Dennis Hastert Make Excuses In A Way Republicans Would Scream About If Liberals Did The Same

Republican conservative Mark Foley is accused of sending nasty e-mails to young boys.  Mr. Foley claims he was molested as a young person by a member of the clergy. He also says he is an alcoholic.

When liberals claim outside factors as the cause of bad deeds they are called soft on crime. But the conservative Mr. Foley has no problem saying other people and other factors are responsible for the bad things he has done.

House Speaker Dennis Hastert, a very conservative man, did not act when made aware of odd e-mails by Mr. Foley. I thought Republicans were all about protecting children and keeping America safe from sexual predators. 

What a right-wing performance! Excuse-making conservatives and the Republican House leadership looking the other way at a possible pervert in their midst.

What a crew of hypocrites.     

October 5, 2006 Posted by | Lousy People, Politics | 1 Comment