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It Can’t Be Said Enough—Winning Elections Is Up To You

I lived in Ohio for many years. Republicans have controlled Ohio for a long time now. The 2006 election looks good for Democrats in Ohio. This is an e-mail I’m sending to friends and acquaintances in Ohio about the upcoming election.  

Election Day 2006 promises to break the Republican hold on power in Ohio. Ted Strickland has a strong chance to be elected governor and other Democratic gains are possible. A tight race is being fought in Ohio for U.S. Senate between Democrat Sherrod Brown and Republican incumbent Mike DeWine. Brown is running to the left on economic issues. A victory in a big swing-state like Ohio would make a national impression.  

Democrats seem likely to make gains in the Senate in 2006. Because of the power the minority party holds in the Senate, each seat matters. The one seat difference between, say, 48 or 49 Democrats can be enough to torpedo a wacko right-wing Bush judge nominee.

I’ve bought a $25 money order. I’m sending it to the Brown for Senate campaign. We’ve all been bitching for years about the Republicans. Now is the time to do something. Elections are won when average people like you and I do things to win them. 

Thank you.      

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