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True Blue Americans Are Willing To Pay Needed Taxes

The following is a letter I sent to USA Today about a recent article. Click the title of the article to read the story. If people aren’t willing to pay taxes, we won’t be able to continue as a first world nation. 

A USA TODAY story about a report detailing the impact of the Bush tax cuts (Income tax cuts benefit all payers, Oct 2.) was heavily biased in favor of tax cut advocates.  The report was based on research by an outfit calling itself the Tax Foundation.

USA TODAY terms this group “non-partisan” while at the same time saying they favor lower taxes. How can a group be non-partisan when its’ only purpose is to advocate a specific political position?  No rebuttal or opposing view of the Tax Foundation’s data and viewpoint is offered. Surely there are advocacy groups that favor collecting sufficient taxes to help Americans in need or to help pay for the War in Iraq. 

The story suggests people who have seen their taxes lowered by the Bush cuts have “benefited” to some degree or another. Yet given the rising federal deficit and the unmet need to protect America’s ports, maybe the American people taken as a whole are in fact suffering from the Bush tax cuts.

Sometimes taxes need to go up. Given the external threats to America and the many unaddressed needs at home, this may well be a time in our history when federal taxes should be raised.

October 3, 2006 - Posted by | Politics, Taxes---Yes!, Things I've Done


  1. In actuality, total federal tax revenues have INCREASED despite the so-called “tax cuts for the rich.” I’m always astonished by people who would never consider personally shaking their neighbor down for money, but will ask the federal government to do it for them.

    Comment by Robert Maddocks | October 6, 2006

  2. The amount of taxes collected has gone up as the population has gone up. The bottom line question remains do we collect enough taxes to meet the needs of the nation? Right now it seems clear we do not.

    Comment by neilaquino | October 6, 2006

  3. Really? Not enough taxes collected?

    Comment by jay | March 10, 2008

  4. It seems many are not paying what they owe–So yes, not enough taxes collected.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | March 11, 2008

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