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People Vote For Wallace, Reagan & Bush And Then Blame Illegals For Declining Wages

Many of those most angry with illegal immigration and what they perceive as the effect of illegals on jobs and wages, are people who for the past 40 years have been voting for candidates such as George Wallace, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

The anti-immigrant charge is led by followers and supporters of right-wing radio talk shows and conservative members of Congress.

Men like Nixon and Reagan and Bush, who either directly or indirectly took advantage of supporter’s fears about people who are different, did nothing but erode the bargaining power of the American worker. Many voted for these right-wingers knowing it was a bad deal for the incomes of working people.

People have a right to base their votes on any issue they choose. People may decide that stopping school busing or banning gay marriage is more important than the size of their paychecks. But when you do that year after year—Why be surprised when your wages sink?

The impact of illegal immigration, and legal immigration for that matter, on wages is an important concern. It’s entirely possible that political leaders from both sides of the aisle are selling American workers down the river. This is something we have to discuss even as we affirm the humanity and basic rights of all people who live in our country—Regardless of where they were born. 

Still, when right-wingers look for who to blame for declining wages and benefits, they can focus much of their anger on the person they see in the mirror.

October 2, 2006 Posted by | Best Posts 2006, Immigration, Politics | 2 Comments