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Killing Of Houston Police Officer By Illegal Should Spur Kindness And Good Public Policy

A Houston police officer was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant last week. The officer, Rodney Johnson, seems have been an exceptionally caring and decent person.

Right Wing commentators and politicians have treated the killing of Officer Johnson as if it were a gift. Xenophobe Lou Dobbs made a point to discuss it on his nightly hatefest on CNN. Houston City Councilwoman Shelley Sekula-Gibbs tried to take advantage of the shooting on the council floor by engaging in immigrant bashing.  

Sekula-Gibbs is a Republican running to replace Tom Delay in Congress. She certainly has the nastiness down right to replace DeLay. Sekula-Gibbs’ remarks were so offensive that some members of the Houston Council walked out while she was speaking.

While I disagree strongly with how some are using Officer Johnson’s death, I don’t agree with the claim that has been made that the killing is a subject outside the bounds of politics. Officer Johnson was a public employee and the circumstances of his death merit discussion. 

Demonizing mostly hard-working people who crossed a desert full of rattlesnakes to get a job washing dishes serves no purpose. It is up to liberals and other decent souls to move the immigration debate forward to the right mix of human kindness and solid public policy. That would be the right path towards honoring Officer Johnson’s life and service. 

September 29, 2006 - Posted by | Houston, Immigration, Politics

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  1. I also live in H-town and this tragedy moved me deeply. There was also the case of the man who was killed with a machete by an undocumented individual that appeared in today’s Chronicle.

    As with any other tragedy, politicizing is out of place. However, we have to come to face the facts that just because someone is ‘hard-working’ doesn’t mean that they are mentally stable and incapable of committing these types of crimes.

    Comment by Lazaro | October 14, 2006

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