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Neither Left Or Right In Germany Have Solutions For Global Economy Losers

Some recent election results in Germany are disturbing. A far-right party gained seats in a German state that had previously been part of East Germany.  7% of voters in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania voted for the National Democratic Party for the state parliament in elections held earlier in September. The National Democratic Party has neo-Nazi beliefs according to reports in The New York Times and BBC.com. 

While 7% is not a large number of voters—It is from such modest beginnings that bad things start.  Neither the defeated Socialist government of former Chancellor Gerhard Schroder, or the current center-right government of Angela Merkel have found the way to bring prosperity to former East German areas.

People in economic distress will sometimes take that stress out on others at the ballot box. With both the left and the right unable to find the solutions to help the East, one wonders if either side has any real idea of what to do.  More than that, one wonders if the inability, or unwillingness, of the German political class to address the effects of globalization is a problem mirrored throughout Europe and in United States. 

Will solutions be found? Or will losers in the global economy be left to fail and fend for themselves?   

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