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Red Light Cameras Are Nifty & Cities Have A Right To Raise Revenue

Based on search-engine traffic to this blog, one thing that excites people are red light cameras. The City of Houston recently installed red light cameras and intends to add more.

I support red light cameras in Houston. I support them because people often drive badly here in Houston. I also support them because they raise revenue. 

We have no income tax in Texas. People can pay one way or another. Houston is strapped for cash all the time. People say the cameras are there to make money for Houston like it is some kind of secret or a bad thing. I say the more money the better. If we had more money maybe we could have more parks and more police.      

People often have a reflexive reaction to things like this. They want to drive like jerks and they don’t like traffic tickets. When a city tries to address bad driving, it is the city itself that gets the abuse instead of the bad drivers. 

I’m all for our new Houston red light cameras.      

September 27, 2006 Posted by | Houston, Taxes---Yes! | 5 Comments