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Will 9/11 Impact Elections For Many Years Or Can Democrats Rebound?

As mid-term elections approach, Republicans are again accusing Democrats of being weak on national security issues. This strategy worked for Republicans in 2002 and 2004. 

It’s difficult for Democrats not to wonder if they might now control the White House and at least one chamber of Congress if not for the attacks of September 11, 2001. Political leaders must, of course, deal with the world as it is. Still, it is frustrating that so much has been lost because of the Republican political advantage so far on issues relating to terrorism. (An advantage they don’t merit I might add.) 

History shows big events often dictate the course of elections and that Democrats have often come out on the winning side. The Great Crash of 1929 was a huge factor in nearly a half-century of Democratic domination of politics. After Watergate Democrats made big gains in the 1974 mid-term elections. 

Watergate was a scandal of a Republican White House. Congress had very little to do with Watergate. Yet many Republicans were swept out in the tide.

While the effects of Watergate passed quickly, Republican domination after the Civil War and Democratic strength resulting from the Depression lasted many years.  The upcoming mid-term election will provide evidence of the long-term impact on politics of 9/11. 

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