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To Gain Power Hispanics In Houston & In America Must Back Up Protests With Votes

Large protests earlier this year by Hispanics concerned over immigration legislation have not led to increased Hispanic voter registration.   

The lack of strong Hispanic political participation is evident here in HoustonHouston has never sent a Hispanic to Washington to serve in Congress. This despite the fact Houston-area U.S. House District 29 is 66% Hispanic.  

The 29th is represented by Anglo Democrat Gene Green. It may be that the people of the 29th district are happy with Mr. Green and see no need to replace him. It may also be true that Hispanic political leaders and average voters can’t get their acts together.

Black Houston long ago produced national figures such as Rep. Barbara Jordan and Rep. Mickey Leland. 

Marching grabs headlines for a few days. Marching can start or spur a movement. So far, however, Hispanics have not backed up the talk and the marching with action. Until they do they will be shut out from power. 

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