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One Path To Spinach That Won’t Make You Sick Is To Support Regulation & Pay All Your Taxes

The ongoing spinach scare is yet another reason to support government regulation of food. It’s also another reason to support paying all your taxes so the government can afford to enforce the regulations. 

Outbreaks of E.coli tainted spinach and lettuce from California have happened time and time again. How many times will be enough? Does anyone really believe private industry will protect the food supply to the detriment of their profits? 

76 million Americans are said to get a food-borne illness each year. 5,000 people die from such illnesses. How many people need to get sick before we get the regulation and oversight we need?  Not surprisingly, many top regulatory positions in Washington are currently unfilled. Food safety is not a big priority under George Bush and the Republican Congress.    

Want safer food? Then demand that government take the needed steps to ensure safer food.

September 21, 2006 - Posted by | Taxes---Yes!

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