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Lockheed Martin Gets Corporate Welfare From State Of Texas On Orion Rocket Project

This is a letter I’ve written to Jerry Kircher. Mr. Kircher is Vice-President for Investor Relations at Lockheed Martin. Lockheed is getting even more government money for the Orion rocket project. The State of Texas is giving Lockheed $7.5 million. This money is more corporate welfare.   

Dear Mr. Kircher: 

My name is Neil Aquino. I am a taxpayer in Texas. As such, I appear to be an investor in Lockheed Martin. 

The Houston Chronicle reported this morning that the State of Texas is giving Lockheed $7.5 million. This is because Lockheed is locating jobs connected with the Orion space rocket in the Houston area. This money comes from a so-called “Texas Enterprise Fund.” 

The Chronicle also reports Lockheed is already receiving $8 billion from the federal government for Orion. Just how much government money does Lockheed need?  I can’t imagine $7.5 million is very much money to Lockheed. I’m sure Lockheed is locating jobs in Houston because it serves the needs of the Orion project—not because of a giveaway of $7.5 million. 

Texas is poor. List nearly any social or economic indicator of how people live, and you will find Texas near the bottom of the rankings. I’m asking Lockheed to please give the money back to the State of Texas. Or that Lockheed donate all the state money to some worthy program in Houston or elsewhere in Texas that will help people.

You and I both know Lockheed does not need this money. I’m sure you’re a fine human being. Won’t you please try to persuade your employer do the right thing in this situation?

Thank you. 

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