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When I made a post last August about how lousy the Cincinnati Reds’ treat their cheerleaders, I didn’t know I’d be getting search engine hits for “cheerleaders” for months after. I’ll take that traffic and all traffic to this blog. I appreciate everyone who visits TexasLiberal.

My message to all people is to give the new Democratic Congress a chance. The policies of the previous Republican Congress stunk for working Americans. The Bush tax cuts are unfair and have helped only the wealthy. No progress was made towards universal health care. They refused to raise the minimum wage.

In foreign affairs, the War in Iraq is a failure. Hundreds of billions of dollars that could have been used to help Americans at home have been wasted. That money  also could have been used to secure our ports against terror threats.

You came here looking for cheerleaders. I’m not sure I’ll convince you a new Congress is better than cheerleaders. However, I think you can agree that the new Congress deserves a chance. Thank you.

UPDATE OCTOBER 25, 2008—This silly post gets hits two years after it was written. We have our Democratic Congress. Now let’s elect Barack Obama and try something new after 8 years of the failed President Bush. Thank you.

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