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Kinky Friedman—Just Another Texas Bully

Kinky Freidman is the worst of the four major candidates running for Texas governor in 2006. This is quite an accomplishment. Two of the other candidates, incumbent Republican Rick Perry and independent Carol Keeton Strayhorn, are also awful.  

Mr. Friedman is running as a non-politician. He says his lack of political experience is good.  Yet recent nasty comments about Hurricane Katrina victims in Houston show Mr. Friedman as the very model of a Texas politician. He is all about kicking the little guy when he is down.

Instead of proposing to assist hurricane victims, Mr. Friedman termed people displaced by Katrina and still living in Houston as crackheads and thugs. Mr. Friedman thinks the State of Texas should give Houston $100 million for police to help manage the increase in crime in the past year. For $100 million we could actually help poor people in Houston acquire skills to get jobs. But why help people when we can crack skulls instead?

The cigar-chomping testosterone-drunk Mr. Friedman is just another in a long line of Texas bullies appealing to the worst instincts of the electorate. 

September 11, 2006 Posted by | Lousy People, Politics, Texas | 3 Comments