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Liberals Know Hugo Chavez Is No Damned Good

Many of us on the left have wanted to believe that President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is something he is not. A hope existed Mr. Chavez would become a worthy champion of world-wide opposition to the policies of George W. Bush. Even our good friend Cindy Sheehan allowed herself to photographed with Mr. Chavez’s arm around her. 

The real deal is that Mr. Chavez is a friend of dictators and that he threatens democracy in Venezuela.

Mr. Chavez is a close buddy of Fidel Castro. Mr. Castro is by any measure a dictator and an enemy of freedom.  Mr. Chavez recently had a cozy meeting with President Mohammad Khatami of Iran. Mr. Khatami’s view that Israel should be destroyed must be taken at face value.  Mr. Chavez seems to working towards making himself President for life.  

One must admit it has sometimes been cathartic to listen to Mr. Chavez insult Mr. BushAlso, the opposition of the wealthy in Venezuela to Mr. Chavez is a point in his favor. If the poor of that country had not been treated so rotten over the years the current situation would be different. 

Yet the bottom line is clear—-Hugo Chavez is no friend of the true values of the left. He is a dictator in the making and he consorts openly and proudly with the worst and most murderous leaders in the world.  

September 8, 2006 Posted by | Lousy People, Politics | 1 Comment