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New Moon Boondoggle To Aid Ungrateful Republicans

NASA has commissioned the building of a new space ship. It is going to be called Orion. Orion is to be built by Lockheed Martin. It is part of the new manned lunar project. The U.S. Government Accountability Office estimates the overall price of this moon boondoggle to be at almost $230 billion by 2025. The manned space program is corporate welfare for aerospace firms.

The Johnson Space Center will be running Orion. The Clear Lake area of Houston is where the Johnson Space Center is located. Clear Lake votes Republican despite the local impact of the government-funded space center. 

This blog supports big government. I am firmly behind most Congressional pork. However, I must admit some reluctance over this project. It means yet more money for defense contractors. Many of the individual recipients of the booty will be ungrateful Republicans. These same Republicans have no trouble at election time voting to stick it to poor people and working-class people. 

Democrats and liberals must regain control of our government and spend the money our way and on our friends and supporters.   

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