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Right-Wing College Football & Wild Cheerleaders

The college football season begins today. As you might imagine, this is a big deal in Texas. Two big right-wing schools play each other this evening. The Citadel is at Texas A & M to play the Aggies. Can a way be found for both to lose?  

I will say though that mentioning college football gives me another chance to work the word “cheerleaders” into my blog. That will keep the search engines directing internet users searching the term “cheerleaders” or “wild cheerleaders” or “ college cheerleaders”  in my direction. 

Hey cheerleading fans—Vote Democratic! Vote for liberals! Republican tax cuts for the rich have hurt hard-working Americans and the Iraq War is a disaster.

September 2, 2006 - Posted by | Cheerleaders, Texas

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  1. Love the cheerleader ploy. I have found I get the most google hits from people searching for nude pictures of Tempestt Bledsoe (after I mentioned celebrity fit club) followed by people searching for lyrics to the Enchanted Voyage song from Kings Island, followed by people seeking information on H.R. Pufnstuf. (Including my favorite search of all time, “Is Freddy Flute Gay”) You just never can tell exactly what phrases will draw people in, but I suppose you could do a lot worse than Wild Cheerleaders. (Might I recommend “naughty” as a cheerleader modifier for the future?)

    Comment by Brendan Halpin | September 6, 2006

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