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Will Right-Wingers Love An America That Does Not Look Like Them?

The Houston Chronicle reports 55% of children under 15 in Houston are Hispanic and that 46% of those under 15 in Texas are Hispanic. These numbers are higher than the overall population of Hispanics in Texas. 

Texas recently was listed as just the fourth state to have a majority-minority population. Imagine that— Right-wing Texas in the same category with
California, Hawaii and New Mexico. 

Many white Southern conservatives, and many conservatives from all over the country, see white skin as a big part of what America is. Their patriotism and sense of national pride comes with the view of America as a white country. This view, I believe, is what fuels anti-immigrant anger more than concern over falling wages and lost jobs. 

These right-wingers are in for a long-slow decline of influence. Until that decline is more established however, liberals and Democrats must work hard to resist these mainstream forces of white-nationalism. Liberals and Democrats must focus more on economic progress and economic justice.  

August 29, 2006 - Posted by | Houston, Immigration, Politics, Texas

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