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Plenty Of Blame To Go Around As To Why Texas Is So Messed-Up

The Census Bureau has released new figures confirming yet again that Texas is near the bottom in personal income and percentage of people who have finished high school. Democrats ran Texas up until just a few years ago. They did little to address these problems. You can argue many of those Democrats would have been Republicans in most other places in America. But the national Democratic party was happy to take the support of Texas Democrats when it was offered. It is not really the same anymore. Still, we can’t always blame the other guy. Our shit stinks as well.   

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Will Right-Wingers Love An America That Does Not Look Like Them?

The Houston Chronicle reports 55% of children under 15 in Houston are Hispanic and that 46% of those under 15 in Texas are Hispanic. These numbers are higher than the overall population of Hispanics in Texas. 

Texas recently was listed as just the fourth state to have a majority-minority population. Imagine that— Right-wing Texas in the same category with
California, Hawaii and New Mexico. 

Many white Southern conservatives, and many conservatives from all over the country, see white skin as a big part of what America is. Their patriotism and sense of national pride comes with the view of America as a white country. This view, I believe, is what fuels anti-immigrant anger more than concern over falling wages and lost jobs. 

These right-wingers are in for a long-slow decline of influence. Until that decline is more established however, liberals and Democrats must work hard to resist these mainstream forces of white-nationalism. Liberals and Democrats must focus more on economic progress and economic justice.  

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