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Condoms & Bikinis—The French Election Must Be Approaching

French Interior Minister and presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy has sponsored the distribution of free condoms with his party logo on them to French beachgoers. 

I’ve heard of free alcohol dispensed by politicians, but not condoms. This is an excellent idea and can only contribute to the well-being of the French people. American politicians should do the same. It would reduce the level of new HIV infections and other sexually transmitted diseases.  

Regretfully, Sarkozy is a right-winger. TexasLiberal readers may be more inclined to support the likely Socialist candidate Segolene Royale.   Ms. Royale has not, as far as I know, handed out condoms. She was however, involved in controversy. French magazines photographed her taking a walk on the beach in a bikini and discussion ensued about an alleged trivialization of French politics.  

The French presidential election will be held in April, 2007.    

August 25, 2006 Posted by | Elections, Politics | 2 Comments