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A Few Things Really Count— Much Of The Rest May Get Pitched Overboard

In the 1930’s, President Franklin Roosevelt complained about conservative federal courts striking down parts of the New Deal. In response, Roosevelt proposed his ill-advised and ill-fated  “court packing” plan to align the Supreme Court in his favor.   

Today, Republicans claim left-leaning federal judges are ruining the conservative agenda. Some Republicans have taken to bullying judges they don’t like. 

In the 1940’s, Republicans worked hard to prohibit the votes of servicemen abroad fighting in World War II from being counted. They were afraid most of the troops would vote for F.D.R. 

In the Florida vote count of 2000, Republicans demanded military votes from abroad be counted even if they arrived after the deadline. They guessed most service members would vote for George W. Bush. 

In the 1960’s, liberals supported a Civil Rights movement rooted in the black church.  

Today, liberals say the church should stay out of politics. 

Very few things are core principles. Positions we may think essential to our beliefs as liberals or conservatives are, if we review them, arguments more closely linked to circumstance than to basic truths.

Liberals hold as a core principle an active government that helps those who need help. Liberals assert everyone should be treated equally under the law and, at a deeper level, that all people have equal value. Liberals believe in a balance between personal freedom and obligation to society. 

Liberals should keep in mind the basics. We can keep true to our beliefs and win elections at the same time.

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