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Many People Think Saddam Had Something To Do With 9/11—So What?

Much comment has been made about how many Americans still believe Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11. This despite the fact it has been shown time and time again this is not true. Often this observation is followed by a snide reference to the Bush administration’s use of the term “reality based community” and a lament that society is falling into an Orwellian hole of disinformation. 

Yet it is has always been the case that people believe all sorts of wrong things. Given some of the beliefs that have been widely held in American history, such as it is okay to keep slaves and that the only good Indian is a dead Indian, I find the commonly held notion that Saddam was linked to 9/11 to be fairly benign.     

The political and social environment is always full of error and misunderstanding. The hope is that whatever the people are getting wrong does not lead to some type of mass slaughter. Short of that, the liberal must do his or her best to help people and society find the right path.    

Or, if you get lucky, maybe whatever the people are screwing up will prove to be an error in favor of causes you support. Liberals will, like anybody else, take what they can get.       

August 18, 2006 Posted by | Politics | 3 Comments