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While I am not a vegetarian, and have little desire to become one, I must commend TexasLiberal reader Barb for her response to my posting about the Weiner Wagon. She provides us all with food for thought. Here is what Barb said–  

“Maybe they should have a Veggiemobile to reach out to prospective vegetarians. A Veggiemobile would surely hold its own in such a fight since the driver would be full of vitamins and the Wiener Wagon driver will be tired out from consuming all of those nitrates. Vegetarianism is generally good for the environment.”

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The People Of Houston Damn Well Did Want A Dixie Chicks Concert

The Dixie Chicks were scheduled to play Houston this fall. The concert was cancelled. The reason given was slow ticket sales. The explanation never made sense. Houston is a big city with plenty of people who don’t like George Bush. It seemed unlikely the Dixie Chicks could not fill an arena. A story in the Houston Chronicle today explains that the slow ticket sales story was never true. 

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Taxes Can Make Us Happy

Click this link to the BBC for an explanation of how taxes can make us happy.

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