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Taxes–Yes! Pork–Yes!

A TexasLiberal reader recently left a comment suggesting that a flat tax would be a good idea. This was in response to my post that cheating on your taxes is treason. 

The progressive income tax is a great achievement of liberalism. People who have more money should pay more taxes. The more they earn, the higher percentage of their income they should pay. Nobody gets rich without help from others. To make money you need a good education, good employees and a stable society with laws and decent infrastructure. 

The reader who advocated a flat tax also said pork barrel projects should be curtailed. I disagree. Pork is good. It provides jobs. It builds things that are needed. And, of course, a few things that are not needed. So what? If we want to reduce the deficit, we should go after corporate welfare and millionaire tax-cheats. 

I appreciate everyone who reads my blog and everyone who leaves a comment. Though I disagree with the comments this particular reader left, it was nice that he or she took the time to do so.   

August 13, 2006 Posted by | Politics, Taxes---Yes! | 3 Comments